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WSA School Plan


Grades 6-8

The WSA middle school program is rigorous and demanding. We aggressively prepare our scholars to ensure that they are on level in reading and mathematics by 8th grade. As such, they are high school ready when they proceed to 9th grade. Our middle school offerings include some courses for which middle schoolers can earn early high school Carnegie credits. Our middle school scholars begin to develop community consciousness as participants in school based programs.


Grades 9-12

The WSA high school program exposes scholars to traditional courses and dual enrollment course offerings for credit beyond high school. Traditional courses provide rigor to ensure sufficient preparation for college level courses. Multiple paths of graduation are offered, but we seek to have every WSA student receive some college level credit before graduating.  All WSA Scholars are exposed to college level professionals. Additionally, our high school scholars demonstrate community consciousness through both involvement and establishment of civic an charitable efforts in the community.


Post-Secondary Support

A unique characteristic of the WSA school plan is the deliberate support system offered to our students to smoothe the transition to post secondary studies. In the latter portion of high school, our scholars interact with higher education professionals who help to bridge this gap. Additionally, scholars are allowed to experience college level coursework while still under the jurisdiction of our community of support. Every graduate of WSA will have a solid post secondary plan for life beyond our borders.

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